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Detroit Locker, for Dana Super 60

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Alloy-USA, one of the brands from Omix-ADA, is a manufacturer of performance drive train products, high strength axle shafts and kits, and performance ring and pinion sets. We specialize in Jeeps, Chevy muscle cars, Mustangs, GM, Ford and Dodge trucks. We are everyday enthusiasts just like you. We off-road, drag race, camp, and raise families. We have over 20 years of experience in the performance market, and we know what works and how to make it. We also know how to keep the costs under control, so we can provide you high quality performance products at a fair price.

Approximate installation time: 2+ Hours

Informacje dodatkowe

Producent: Alloy USA
Nr. katalogowy: 225SL193B
Waga (kg): 13.2000
Długość (cm): 24.4
Szerokość (cm): 24.4
Wysokość (cm): 24.4
CHEVROLET C201965 - 1972
CHEVROLET C251965 - 1991
CHRYSLER D2001969 - 2003
CHRYSLER D2501969 - 2003
CHRYSLER D3001975 - 2003
CHRYSLER D3501975 - 2003
FORD E-2501968 - 2008
FORD E-3001968 - 2008
FORD E-3501968 - 2008
FORD F-2501968 - 1985
FORD F-3501979 - 1985
CHEVROLET G301973 - 1991
CHEVROLET G351973 - 1991
CHRYSLER W2001969 - 2002
CHRYSLER W2501969 - 2002
Numer zamiennika: N/D
Gwarancja: 5 Year Limited
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